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This website is dedicated to the young people of Detroit who are taking their destiny into their own hands and transforming themselves and their community in the process. YEA-Detroit represents four youth run entrepreneurial programs that are based out of Detroit Community High School and operate throughout the year. They are: Brightmoor Woodworkers; Brightmoor Bikes and Trailers; DCH Apparel and Detroit Community Market Gardens. Come check us out and place an order. Call us at: 313-477-7346 for more information.

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Guess What? The Brightmoor Woodworkers, Brightmoor Bikes and Trailers, DCH Apparel and Detroit Community Market Gardens need a new building to operate out of so please check out our ‘Kickstarter’ project that has just been launched as of November 4th, 2013.



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Bikes and Trailers
Friday, October 4th, 2013

The Brightmoor Bikes and Trailers and the Brightmoor Woodworkers have just completed their first joint venture, which consisted of remodeling one of the “industrial trikes” donated by Ford Motor Company for AJ O’neil and his Detroit Bold Coffee wagon. Check out the picture.

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